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What is the saddest episode of The Simpsons?

There are a lot of contenders for the saddest episode of The Simpsons. Some fans point to “Marge Be Not Proud” where Bart shoplifts and is caught. Others cite “I Love Lisa” where Ralph Wiggum professes his love for Lisa, only to be rejected.

Many people believe that the saddest episode is actually “Lisa’s Substitute” where Mr. Bergstrom comes into her life and then leaves again. However, the saddest episode of The Simpsons is actually “Eli’s Egg-o-rama.”In this episode, Homer goes to crazy lengths to get free eggs for Eli’s egg-o-rama contest. He even puts himself in danger by standing on top of a flagpole.

When he finally gets the eggs, he is so excited that he doesn’t notice that they are starting to hatch. When he does realize it, it’s too late and the eggs have all hatched into chicks. Homer tries to take care of them, but they all die except for one.Homer takes the lone chick to Eli’s contest, but it dies shortly before he has to present it. Homer is left holding its dead body and crying over the loss of his chicks.

This episode is incredibly sad, but it also highlights the strength of Homer’s character. He may not be the smartest guy in town, but he sure is one of the most compassionate.

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What episode does Bart become depressed?

In the season 8 episode “Bart’s Girlfriend,” Bart becomes smitten with a girl named Jessica Lovejoy, the daughter of Reverend Lovejoy. Despite her initial coldness towards him, Bart continues to pursue her and eventually they begin dating.

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However, it soon becomes apparent that Jessica is only using Bart for his money and she frequently cheats on him. Bart eventually catches her in the act and breaks up with her.This rejection leads Bart into a deep depression and he even contemplates suicide.

He is only snapped out of it when his family and friends show their support for him.

Who is the saddest Simpson?

The saddest Simpson is undoubtedly Lisa. She is a gifted and intelligent girl who is always striving to do her best, but she often feels like she falls short.

She is sensitive and easily hurt, which can lead to her feeling isolated and alone. Even though she has a close relationship with her family, she sometimes feels like they don’t really understand her.

What is the highest rated episode of The Simpsons?

The highest rated episode of The Simpsons is the season 4 episode “Marge vs. the Monorail”. The episode received a 9.4 rating on IMDB and was praised by critics for its clever writing and witty humor. The episode centers around Springfield’s decision to build a monorail after being gifted a large sum of money.

Marge is the only one who objects to the monorail, and she tries to warn the townspeople about its dangers. However, nobody will listen to her and she eventually joins the monorail committee.

The episode features guest appearances by Leonard Nimoy and Phil Hartman, and is considered one of the best episodes of The Simpsons.

In the early days of the Simpsons, Maggie was shown as a baby who couldn’t talk. This led to speculation among fans about what her first word would be.
The writers toyed with the idea of having her say “Daddy” or “Mama”, but ultimately decided on “Ay caramba!”. This was said in the episode “ Bart Gets an F”, when she was trying to tell Bart something.
Assuming you had no prior knowledge of the show and were starting from the beginning, it would take approximately 586 hours to watch all 32 seasons of The Simpsons. This number is based on the assumption that each season has 22 episodes and each episode is 20 minutes long.
Of course, this does not include time spent pausing the show, taking breaks, or rewinding/fast-forwarding. Keep in mind that 586 hours is equal to 24.42 days- meaning that if you dedicated yourself to watching The Simpsons 24 hours a day, it would still take you almost a month to finish all the seasons.
This number also doesn’t include time spent sleeping, working, or participating in other activities, so realistically it would probably take you several months- maybe even over a year- to finish watching The Simpsons.
Whether or not this undertaking is worth your time is up to you, but it’s definitely a commitment!
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