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488 Photos of Sandra Bullock’s Feet

Sandra Bullock is born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, she is the daughter of a German singer and a singing teacher. Sandra Bullock spent most of her childhood in Germany and on tour throughout Europe. She frequently performed as a chorus girl with her sister and, upon returning to the United States, decided to become an actress. Discover her biography and 488 photos of Sandra Bullock’s Feet

Who is Sandra Bullock?

After graduating from East Carolina University, she moved to New York to perform in off-Broadway shows such as No Time Flat. She starred in the NBC series Working Girl, based on the film of the same name by Mike Nichols, and appeared in the TV movies Murder in Central Park, Bionic Showdown and Lucky Chances. Sandra Bullock is one of the most active and popular actors and producers in Hollywood, whose talents have been mainly in the field of romantic comedy. In 2002, her production of Love Without Notice, which she co-stars in with Hugh Grant, grossed more than $200 million, and in the spring of the same year she launched her first television series as executive producer: The George Lopez, which currently airs on the ABC network. Noticed for the first time in 1993, in the title role of The Missing by George Sluizer, Sandra Bullock turns the same year The thing called love by Peter Bodganovich, then plays alongside Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes in Demolition man by Marco Brambilla and Robert Duvall in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway by Randa Haines. But it is in 1994 that she is consecrated star thanks to the mega success of Jan De Bont, Speed. Sandra Bullock quickly confirms her charisma and her critical reputation in the romantic comedy Love at Any Price and the thriller Stalking on the Internet before starring in Thus Goes Life (1st of her productions under the banner of Fortis Films – 1999), The Bewitched (1999), Speed 2 (1997), The Right to Kill … (1996), A Wind of Madness (1999), etc… She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Miss Detective and starred in Barbet Schroeder’s thriller Murderous Calculations and Callie Khouri’s comedy-drama The Divine Secrets, in which her partners were Ellen Burstyn, Ashley Judd and Maggie Smith. Sandra Bullock received, among other awards and nominations, 2 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and 2 MTV Movie Awards for Speed; a Golden Globe nomination, an American Comedy Award nomination, 2 People’s Choice Awards and 2 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards for Love at Any Price; the People’s Choice Award and the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for The Right to Kill; the title of Female Star of the Year, awarded in 1996 by the NATO/ShoWest of American exhibitors and the title of Star of the Year at the 2001 NATO/ShoWest. She wrote, starred in and directed the short film Making Sandwiches for Fortis Films, which was presented at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. Among her other films are The Missing (1993), The Thing Called Love (1993) and 28 Days of Reprieve (2000), as well as the animated film The Prince of Egypt, in which she lends her voice to the character of Miriam, Moses’ sister (1998). In 2003, she continued in the romantic comedy with Love Without Notice by Marc Lawrence which she is also producer of the film and which has earned more than 200 million dollars worldwide. She also produced the TV series The George Lopez Show. In 2005, she starred in Paul Haggis’ Collision. That same year, she plays the continuation of the adventures of Miss FBI, divinely armed by John Pasquin. Continuously on the big screen, Between Two Shores and Grace complete her filmography the following year. In 2007, Premonitions by Mennan Yapo makes her play in the register of science fiction and thriller. In 2009, she starred in the comedy The Proposal by Anne Fletcher with Ryan Reynolds.

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488 photos of Sandra Bullock’s Feet

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