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299 photos of Zendaya’s Feet

ZENDAYA COLEMAN. Revealed in the series Euphoria, Zendaya is one of the young stars that Hollywood is snatching up, in the cast of the new Spider-Man trilogy and of Dune. Zendaya Biography – Zendaya is an American actress, model, singer, dancer and producer.

Discover her biography and 299 photos of Zendaya’s feet

Who is Zendaya Coleman?

Born on September 1, 1995, Zendaya Coleman is the daughter of Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. She claims Zimbabwean, Congolese, German and Irish origins. Her mother being a theater director, she was interested in acting at an early age.

She made her debut appearing in commercials on American television and in two musicals. In 2009, she turns in two videos: I’m Gonna Arrive by Sears where she meets Selena Gomez, and in a version of Hot n Cold by Katy Perry.
The following year, her career really begins when she lands the lead role in the series Shake It Up! with Bella Thorne who is also her best friend. The series was a hit for four seasons on the Disney Channel and Zendaya became one of the highest paid stars of the house of Mickey. She also appears in the series Good Luck Charlie. In 2012, she plays in the TV movie Amiennemies in which she meets Bella Thorne but also Stefanie Scott, before releasing her first self-titled album the following year. That year, she also joined the cast of the American version of Dancing with the Stars for its sixteenth season where she finished finalist of the show.

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299 photos of Zendaya’s feet

Zendaya’s feet are one of her best assets. She has said that she loves her feet and that they are one of her favorite parts of her body. Zendaya’s feet are size 7.5 (US) and she often wears high heels, which makes them look even bigger.

Many people have commented on Zendaya’s feet, saying that they are beautiful and sexy. Some people have even said that they would like to lick or suck on her toes! Zendaya has said that she is flattered by all the compliments but that she doesn’t really think about her feet too much.

If you’re ever lucky enough to see Zendaya’s feet in person, you’ll notice that they are smooth and soft with no blemishes. Her toenails are always well-manicured and she often wears polish in a variety of colors. Whether you think her feet are gorgeous or not, there’s no denying that they’re definitely one of her best features!

And now, discover the 299 pictures of Zendaya’s feet, have fun friends:

Zendaya’s feet are both unique and beautiful. Her left foot is slightly larger than her right, and she has a small scar on her right ankle. She loves to show off her feet in high heels and sandals, and she regularly gets pedicures to keep her feet looking perfect.

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For the more curious, a video with a compilation of photos of Zendaya’s feet:

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